Online Registration

Welcome to the payment system for the OASC. 

The online payment process has accepts both credit card payments as well as email money transfers.

1. You will need to click on an item to purchase below. These items are shown in blue

2. Once you click on an item a page will appear called Your Information. With this page we need the parent or guardians information. You only need to complete this page once

3. Once you have completed the Your Information page you will be taken to the appropriate purchase form. Some of these fields will be pre populated with the same information that you entered for Your information, however you can change these if needed. Please complete the form and proceed to the checkout page

4. At the checkout page you will be asked if you need to purchase a second purchase. If you do just repeat step 3. If you do not you proceed to payment

5. The OASC can accept both credit card payments and Email Money Transfers (EMT). Please send your EMT payment to

6. Once you have completed your purchase you will be sent an email with details of your purchase

You are now ready to purchase 

Items currently available to purchase

For Teams

Women's Divisions SOLD OUT

2023 OASC 11 v 11 Summer soccer deposit - $250

2023 OASC 7 v 7 Summer soccer deposit - $250

For Individuals


2023 OASC 11 v 11 Individual soccer registration - $175 + HST

2023 OASC 7 v 7 Individual soccer registration - $200 + HST